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The Benefits of Playing Piano in Science


Nadia Dandachi, 19/01/2020


There is a known connection between music, the mind, and the body. The player or the listener simultaneously feel its soothing properties, and many feel the need to play on the piano, specifically, to get some emotional relief, to escape, or to get creative. 

Playing the piano has also been proven to have more benefits in science!

Many researches have been conducted to study the benefits of playing the piano, and our feeling has always been right! There are not only emotional benefits to playing it, but also physical, social, and intellectual benefits, for all ages, and for all people of all cultures. 


1- Split Concentration


Split concentration, meaning the ability to concentrate on more than one thing at a time, is an essential element of playing the piano. In order to play, you must use both your hands while playing different notes at the same time, you must listen to what you're playing in order to notice how you're emotionally expressing yourself in your performance, how loud you're playing and how fast, if you're making mistakes, and also use the pedal with your right foot - sometimes both feet, as many Jazz piano players do. 

Whew - that is quite a lot to do at once!  

When you become good at playing the piano, you notice a great improvement in your ability to achieve your tasks without getting distracted, and to focus on more than one task at the same time.


2- Higher IQ and better grades in school

A new study that was recently published by the American Psychiatric Association found that the school performances of kids who played musical instruments were much higher than the performances of their peers who did not play music, especially in their English exams, math, and science. 

3- Physical benefits 


 Some of the physical benefits of playing the piano are: improving hand-eye coordination and dexterity, as well as relieving stress and anxiety. Music has been proven to decrease heart rate and respiratory rate, as well as decreasing blood pressure.


It is also proven it strengthens your immune system! 

4- Accepting constructive criticism

Students who are learning how to play the piano always receive feedback when they play, whether from their teachers, or friends and family. For most people, receiving criticism is unpleasant if not upsetting. As students learn how to play the piano, they get used to receiving constant feedback from their tutors, showing them the right way to improve their performances. Overtime, students learn to accept criticism more, seeing the educational value in it, which is very important in the every day life of both kids at school and adults in their relationships, professionally and personally.   

5- Better time management and organizational skills

As it is with maintaining any responsibility or hobby, learning a new instrument requires that you add it to your daily routine, and that requires some time management. In order to play well and to reach the level you wish to attain, you must practice regularly. When young children already get used to setting a regular and specific time for practice, and separating play time from practice time, children learn perseverance, as well as patience and discipline. 

<img src="musicalbrain.jpg" alt=“The benefits of learning music on the brain"> 

6- Improving self-esteem


Going through the thrill and effort of learning a new musical piece, perfecting it, and feeling the joy of listening to the beautiful result of your efforts, is a very strong method to boost one's

self-esteem. If you're brave enough to play in front of others, then receiving positive comments for your playing is an added benefit! It will always put a smile on your face - guaranteed!  


If you were unsure about getting music lessons for yourself or your child, I hope this article convinced you otherwise! Remember, it is more important to enjoy the learning journey, 

and it is never too late nor are you ever too old to start a new hobby! 


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