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The Best Warm Up Exercises for the Piano

Before every practice session on the piano, you must warm-up warm-up warm-up! Learn about the benefits of warming finger exercises and which ones you can learn!

Which Digital Piano 
is the Best One for You?

It's normal to sometimes feel lost between all the different options of piano brands. Buying a piano is a big investment, and choosing one based on quality is not the only key factor to making your decision! You would also want your piano to challenge and amaze you, with the beauty of its sound and touch.


The Benefits of Playing Piano in Science

There is a known connection between music, the mind, and the body. The player or the listener simultaneously feel its soothing properties, and many feel the need to play on the piano, specifically, to get some emotional relief, to escape, or to get creative. 

Playing the piano has also been proven to have more benefits in science!

الدماغ والموسيقى

3 of the Greatest Men in History who were Musicians

Discover who were 3 of some of the greatest men in history, who were also musicians and played it regularly! 

Two of them also invented their very own instrument. You can also listen to them in the article. 

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